Car Tyres: There’s A Right Way and a Wrong Way to Purchase One

We have all been there- browsing through a non-ending catalogue of tyres, all of which seem nearly identical anyway. While you are glancing through the available options lazily, there is a high chance that you’ll finally choose a tyre that doesn’t complement your driving style.

This boredom, and the resultant apathy is one of the primary reasons that Britons are stuck with below-par tyres according to their driving needs. An aware motorist knows the value that a proper set of tyres adds to their driving regimen. Add to that the cost of repairs and replacements, and you’ll be ruing why you didn’t pay more attention while you were browsing through the catalogue.

That being said, it’s not rocket science. You can choose the perfect set of tyres for yourself quite easily. Just follow the steps mentioned below.

Choose a reputable garage

The first order of business is choosing the place from where you’ll be buying your tyres. Most people prefer a local garage or dealership. It’s essential that the place you choose is authentic, has all the right affiliations and preferably, positive customer feedback. You may ask your friends and relatives for a recommendation if you are not aware of any such place.

In Newark, Farnsfield Auto Centre is the preferred place for tyre purchase for a majority of the motorists. You can buy both premium and cheap tyres in Newark from globally acclaimed brands like Bridgestone, Dunlop and Pirelli at this garage.

Know your tyre specifications by heart

Every make and model of cars come with unique tyre specifications vis-à-vis their size, load capacity and speed index. You may find these specifications on the owners’ manual. This information is also inscribed on the sidewalls of your OE tyres. Adhere to that specification till the last detail. Compatibility plays a pivotal role in determining the performance of your car tyres.

Educate yourself about the types of tyres

Can you name 5 types of tyres available in the market without looking up Google? If not, it’s high time that you spent some time educating yourself about the same.

For your reference, the 5 primary types of tyres are:






It is in no way an exhaustive list. There are various sub-categories within every category.

Just Google it already!

Set a budget

The price range of tyres can vary between £50 and £500 or even more. Buying the most expensive set doesn’t automatically ensure that you’ll get the best performance out of it. You have to factor in multiple other metrics such as the weather, your driving style, the condition of your car, etc. If one is judicious and knows their car well, even a set of cheap Tyres Newark can be adequate.

Ask about warranty and roadside assistance

Most of the reputed brands of tyres offer a comprehensive warranty package for their tyres. Some of the more premium models come with a warranty of 80,000-90,000 miles. You may also be eligible for roadside assistance with some models. Have a clear discussion with the dealer on these aspects in advance.

If you follow this game plan, you’d hopefully be able to choose a set of tyres that last long and compliments your driving style. What’s there to lose?


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